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Brookings Trade Forum, 2002 (Brookings Trade Forum)

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Book DescriptionThis is the second in the Brookings Institution series of annual volumes that provide the most authoritative and in-depth analysis available on current and emerging issues in international trade.The 1999 edition focuses on governing in a global economy.

Contents include:"Policies in a Globalized Economy" by Paul R. Krugman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology"The Domestic Political Resistance to U.S. Global Leadership" by I. M. Destler, University of Maryland and Institute forInternational Economics "The Future of the World Trade Organization" by Sylvia Ostry, University of Toronto"Fin de Sicle Dj Vu: Is Globalization Today Really Different than Globalization a Hundred Years Ago?" by Michael Bordo, Rutgers University, Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley, and Douglas Irwin, Dartmouth College

"Governing the Global Economy: Does One Architectural Style Fit All?" by Dani Rodrik, Harvard University