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Becoming a Verbal Visionary: How to Have a Happy, Successful, and Important Life

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One of the most important facets of building your career relates to how well you verbally convey ideas, concepts, instructions, and information.

The principal difference between a “junior person” and a “senior person” is the ability to verbally influence the behavior, attitudes, and actions of others.Judgement and influence have very little to do with age.They have more to do with verbal skills that inspire, motivate, clarify, and focus for the benefit of clients, employees, and senior management.

Becoming a Verbal Visionary takes you through a process of self-analysis:

1. Understanding your style and the power of verbal skills.
2. Tools to determine if you can or want to become a verbal visionary.
3. How to assess your position in the spectrum of verbal ability.
4. The critical strategic and leadership value building verbal skills brings to you; your boss, clients, and employees; and those you care about.

This monograph will help you look into yourself like you never have before.