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A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard: Creating Value Through Sustained Performance Improvement

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A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard: Creating Value Through Sustained Performance Improvement

This is the eBook version of the printed book.If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version.Use the Service Scorecard to Dramatically Improve Performance in Service OrganizationsThousands of organizations are driving value through the use of the business scorecard. Unfortunately, most business scorecards are not designed for service businesses. Now, two of the worlds leading service business performance experts show how to adapt, use, and succeed with the business scorecard in your service organization. Rajesh K. Tyagi and Praveen Gupta systematically update outdated business scorecards originally created for manufacturing firms, replacing them with new measures that fully maximize your investments in people, services, processes, and technology. Tyagi and Gupta introduce a Service Scorecard framework that encompasses seven key elements of service success: Growth, Leadership, Acceleration, Collaboration, Innovation, Execution, and Retention (GLACIER). You learn how to set clear performance targets, benchmark performance, identify improvement opportunities, and capture performance data that offer leading indicators for financial performance. This books proven performance framework is designed for sustaining profitable growth. Simply put, it offers todays most direct path to measuring performance and optimizing business value in any service business. Adapt current business scorecards to work for service businessesDesign the scorecard to reflect everything that makes service businesses unique and inherently variableRefocus scorecarding on the service organizations unique success factorsTarget the seven measurement areas that link most tightly to service performance Overcome the obstacles to Service Scorecard implementationPlan, align, train, validate, adjust, and institutionalize your Service Scorecard Integrate the Service Scorecard with your other improvement initiativesUse scorecards to complement Six Sigma, ISO 9000, CMMI, ITIL, or other organization-specific programs