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Brand Apart

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Book DescriptionHarley Davidson, Citi, MINI, Starbucks, Nike – these are some of the most well-known brands in the world. They bring to mind quality, reliability and a certain "cool-factor." But what makes these brands stand apart from the others? The reason is simple: they have all mastered the art of marketing and design.

Brand Apart offers case studies of these and other famous brands and explores how their brand images were built using a combination of savvy marketing, brilliant advertisingand groundbreaking design. Here you’ll find interviews by Joe Duffy with the clients and designers and creatives behind the famous campaigns. Readers will also see how creatives and designers tackled each brief and found a solution, like creating a new logo for the Bahamas or launching the MINI Cooper in the U.S.

Gorgeously designed by Duffy and Partners and featuring full-color images throughout, this book is for students, creatives, designers and anyone who appreciates advertising and design.