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100 Frequently Asked Questions on the ISO 9000:2000 Series

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The ISO 9000 family of quality management system standards was updated to reflect a modern understanding of quality. Originally, ISO 9000 standards were thought to be primarily a technical tool. Today, an increasing interest in these quality standards byservice, education, and healthcare organizations has created the need to revise the ISO 9000 family of standards to make them more appropriate for all types of businesses. ISO 9000:2000 represents the first major revision to this series of quality standards since its initial release. 100 Frequently Asked Questions on the ISO 9000:2000 Series is the ideal companion to the final standard and will help explain the changes in presentation, terminology, format, and requirements to people who use quality in any organization.

What are the most important changes in the ISO 9000 series? What are the consequences for my quality management system? How much time remains to adapt the quality management system? From what date is it possible to obtain certificationaccording to the new standard? This book answers these questions and more.

This guide is written for quality managers, consultants, auditors, technicians, teachers, and anyone else interested in understanding the new standards. Inside, you are given answers to questions about the content of the new ISO 9000 series and about related matters such as certification and the transition period. This guide makes the transition to the new ISO 9000 standards easier to understand and implement.