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Building Fundraising Programs to Attract Community Support

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Successful fundraising provides more than financing. In asking for money, you tell people about the needs of your community and how your organization is meeting those needs. That can result in new donations, new volunteers and new friends for your organization. Raising at least a portion of the budget from local donors can also increase financial independence. This series of these books gives practical guidance on getting started: it shows how good fundraisers think and what questions they ask, with manyexamples from organizations in developing countries. It can help organizations anywhere give their activities a boost.

"Book 3: " Building Fundraising programmes to Attract Community Support" examines ways to present your message and diversify funding sources, including fundraising events, launching a business, using donation boxes, mail or telephone campaigns, electronic fundraising and applying for grants. Preparing to ask for support face-to-face and to engage the business community are emphasised, as is the need to evaluate your fundraising activities