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Active Index Investing: Maximizing Portfolio Performance and Minimizing Risk Through Global Index Strategies

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"Here is everything you ever wanted to know about index investing. Steven Schoenfeld has put together a superb set of chapters written by leading practitioners in the investment industry. Both index and active investors will find a wealth of useful information in these pages."
–Burton G. Malkiel
Professor of Economics, Princeton University
author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

"There is a great fiction in many parts of the investment industry: that indexing is a ‘passive’ strategy. This book clearly shows why that belief is wrong. Steven Schoenfeld and the broad group of contributors he has assembled lay out a compelling case for why both the management and use of index funds are very active processes.
"Steven is a thought leader in the investment management field, and now he has provided a book that makes his knowledge available to everyone. Anyone involved with money management will want to read this book. It will become a standard reference text for years to come as more investors understand the role of indexing as part of active portfolio management."
–Lee Kranefuss
CEO, Exchange Traded Funds
Barclays Global Investors

"Active Index Investing covers it all and is a must-read for theoreticians, practitioners, and students alike. Schoenfeld’s book provides a breadth of insight about benchmarks and index investing, ranging from the evolution of indexing and the theory of index construction to investment strategiesand applications."
–William J. Brodsky
Chairman & CEO
Chicago Board Options Exchange

"The whole discipline of indexing and benchmarking is clearly moving into the next generation of its development and is at the cutting edge of investing practices. Steven Schoenfeld has added to the insights of a virtual who’s who among indexing practitioners his own significant depth and breadth of experience to provide the definitive modern compendium of where indexing currently is and where it is going. As indexing and benchmarking should be a part of every investor’s thinking, Active Index Investing should become their must-have desk reference."
–Paul R. Aaronson
Executive Managing Director, Investment Services
Standard & Poor’s