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Advanced Financial Risk Management: Tools & Techniques for Integrated Credit Risk and Interest Rate Risk Managements

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An in-depth look at financial risk management
Advanced Financial Risk Management integrates interest rate risk, credit risk, foreign exchange risk, and capital allocation using a consistent risk management approach. It explains, indetailed, yet understandable terms, the analytics of these issues from A to Z. Written by experienced risk managers, this book bridges the gap between the idealized assumptions used for valuation and the realities that must be reflected in management actions. It covers everything from the basics of present value, forward rates, and interest rate compounding to the wide variety of alternative term structure models.
Donald R. Van Deventer (Hawaii) founded the Kamakura Corporation in April 1990 and is currently President. In 2003, he was voted into the Risk Hall of Fame for having made a profound contribution to the field of risk management. Kenji Imai (Hawaii) heads Software Development for Kamakura and participates in selected Japan-related financial advisory assignments. Mark Mesler (Hawaii) heads the information production for Kamakura Risk Information Services.

Donald R. van Deventer