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A Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy

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‘At last, three authors who have recognised the need for economic literacy among environmental scientists and scientific literacy for economists. Quentin Grafton and his colleagues offer a wide-ranging, ambitious, but highly successful guide to the ever-expanding terminology that any modern-day environmental researcher and reader needs. One to keep on the reference shelf.’

-David Pearce, CSERGE, University College London, UK

‘In a field like environmental studies that cuts across so many diverse disciplines, scholars and students really need a basic reference like this Dictionary. It provides concise definitions of a myriad of terms from economics, environmental science, and the policy arena. And even more, it also provides a set of excellent primers for environmental economics itself and some related issues. It is an invaluable reference.’

-Wallace E. Oates, University of Maryland and Resources for the Future

‘This book is a very useful reference for professionals in natural resource and environmental management. . . . I recommend that practitioners get a copy for their own reference and that courses in this area adopt the book as a supplemental text.’

-fromthe forewordby Robert Mendelsohn, Yale University

This comprehensive new dictionary is an important reference tool for all those interested in environmental science and environmental studies. Written in a clear and accessible style, the dictionary includes over three thousand up-to-date entries, all accompanied by a detailed yet straightforward definition covering all aspects of the subject.

The book also includes three primers, which will bridge the gap between each discipline covered. These consist of introductions to environmental economics, international environmental problems and environmental systems, dynamics and modeling. Another unique feature is the inclusion of an appendix which lists and describes the world’s major international environmental agreements.

This Dictionary with its primers and appendices will prove immensely useful to all students and scholars of environmental science and studies.