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8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

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8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Brent Bowers reveals the eight patterns that highly successful entrepreneurs share - and what we can learn from them.
In covering small business for decades at the Wall Street Journaland the New York Times, Bowers has chronicled the rise and fall of hundreds of start-ups. In this book, he draws on extensive interviews and research, as well as on the experiences and expertise of business consultants, venture capitalists, academia, and the entrepreneurs themselves, to describe the key characteristics shared by dozens of successful small-business owners and their companies. Among them:
  • The ability to spot and seize opportunities.
  • An overwhelming urge to be in charge coupled with a gift for leadership.
  • The flexibility to come up with creative, out-of-the-box solutions to problems or obstacles.
  • Incredible energy and tenacity in the pursuit of their goals.
  • Unwavering faith in their business.
  • The ability to take smart risks.
  • The ability to bounce back from setbacks and see failure as just one step on the path to ultimate success.

    Brent Bowers