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202 Services You Can Sell For Big Profits

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202 Services You Can Sell For Big Profits

Provide a service, pocket a profit!

If you’re hungry to be out on your own, making your own hours, taking home all the profits and being your own boss, then this book is a must. Author James Stephenson has produced the first-ever guide to entering the most profitable and hottest small-business sector of our economy: the service industry. It’s rife with opportunity regardless of your age, education or business experience.

With this book, you’ll not only discover which services offer the most profit potential today (and why) but also learn the most effective customer acquisition and retention tips that help such businesses thrive, even in the first year.

  • Pick from 202 fascinating fields the author has scrupulously screened and researched.
  • Learn all you need to get started and how to avoid the pitfalls that can bedevil beginners.
  • Discover how to become a part-time entrepreneur, pocketing sizable extra income while keeping your job.

Want to motivate yourself? Want to take an easy first step? Take this book home today!

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