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Britain in 2010: The New Business Landscape

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Who will be your customers in 10 years time? What is the real potential of the Internet for Britain? What business opportunities will the new Britain create? What is happening to Britain in the first decade of the new century? How will business be affected by an ageing population, an increase in the number of single person households, and of women who choose to live alone. How will the economy react to the challenge of Internet technologies? Why is it that more people now work in Indian restaurants than in shipbuilding, steel manufacturing and coal mining combined? Britain in 2010: The new business landscape focuses on the continuities and discontinuities in the changing social structure of Britain. By 2010:
  • Traditional family forms will no longerbe the foundation of society. This will have significant consequences for retailing, housing, health and welfare systems and policy
  • We will exercise greater choice in terms of where and how we live and work, making traditional marketing categories redundant
  • Our lifestyles will be based on mobility instead of stability, and our personal identities will become more fluid
  • 1001 lifestyle tribes will replace age and income groups
  • Self-centred, self-indulgent and hedonistic citizens will be freed from traditional obligations, making them restless consumers
  • National competitive advantage will become dependent on individual creativity rather than manufacturing capacity
Britain in 2010 is a landmark vision of the country’s future at a timeof un-precedented opportunity.
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