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Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms: Volume 1 (+ CD-ROM)

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Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms: Volume 1 (+ CD-ROM)

The analysis of the distributional impact of policy reforms on the well-being or welfare of different stakeholder groups, particularly on the poor and vulnerable, has an important role in elaborating and implementing poverty reduction strategies in developing countries. In recent years this type of work, labeled as Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA), is increasingly implemented in order to promote evidence-based policy choices and foster debate on policy reform options.
Although information is available on the general approach, techniques, and tools for distributional analysis, each reform area displays a series of specific characteristics. These have implications for the analysis of distributional impacts, including in terms of the types of impacts and transmission channels that warrant particular attention, the tools and techniques most appropriate, the data sources typically utilized, and the range of political economy factors most likely to affect the reform process.
"Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms" covers six key areas of policy reform that are likely to have significant effects on distribution and poverty: trade, monetary and exchange rates, utility provision, agricultural markets, land, and education.
Each chapter is organized around the different transmission channels through which policy reforms can be expected to affect the population. The chapters provide an overview of the typical direction and magnitude of the expected impacts; the implementation mechanisms through which reforms are typically carried out; the stakeholders who are likely to be affected by the reform, positively or negatively, or who are likely to affect the reform; and the methodologies typically used to analyze the distributional impact. Each chapter illustrates these points with examples, applications, references, sources, and a bibliography.

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