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Financial Valuation Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Master Financial Valuation

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Financial Valuation Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Master Financial Valuation

Ghe complete resource to guide professionals through a full business valuation and to better manage their practice.
Now valuation professionals can master every function for every valuation situation. The Financial Valuation Workbook, Second Edition guides readers through a complete business valuation with essential tools for quick reference.
Completely revised and updated, this practical guide applies valuation theory to real-world business environments and provides a detailed case study, models, and exercises covering basic, intermediate, and advanced topics for readers at any valuation level.
Three new chapters have been added. Chapter 3, "Companion Exercises and Test Questions," includes over 300 exercises that can be used to prepare for business valuation certification exams or by professors as reinforcement of the material presented in Financial Valuation Applications and Models. Chapter 6, "Marketing, Managing, and Making Money," presents marketing and staff management tips and highlights risk management in regard to reports and engagements letters with examples. Chapter 7, "Practice Management Workflow Procedures," starts with the initial prospective client call, ends with billing, and provides checkpoints throughout the entire valuation management process.
This Workbook is organized by standard, easily identifiable sections that allow for easy reference by all professionals. This accessible text:
  • Covers step by step the intricacies of preparing a credible valuation.
  • Guides the less experienced valuation practitioner through concepts and applications.
  • Includes helpful resources such as information requests, thirty-seven checklists, and other tools to assist valuation practitioners.The authors also include a chapter of helpful "ValTips" submitted by thirty leading valuation experts. CPAs, appraisers, attorneys, merger and acquisition professionals, professors, and students will find the Financial Valuation Workbook, Second Edition to be an essential resource.
    2 edition.