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Financial Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

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Financial Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

Financial Planning for Nonprofit Organizations provides practical, proven strategies to safeguard your nonprofit organization’s financial future. It coaches you in the essentials of financial planning and supplies easy-to-use tools, concepts, and techniques for the financial management of nonprofits of every size and type. Drawing upon her extensive experience in financial management for nonprofits, author Jody Blazek:

  • Covers major functional issues in financial planning: administration, roles and responsibilities, budgeting, asset management, and internal controls.
  • Arms you with easy-to-implement processes and procedures that make financial management a more streamlined, effective process.
  • Describes surefire methods for understanding, interpreting, and using financial information.
  • Supplies dozens of worksheets, forms, and checklists that make it easier than ever to manage your organization’s precious financial resources

This invaluable guide is must-reading for directors, managers, trustees, accountants, lawyers, and anyone involved in the financial survival of a nonprofit organization.