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Foreign Exchange and Money Markets: Theory, Practice and Risk Management

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Floating rates, central-bank intervention, derivatives trading and the very high volumes of speculative and round-the-clock trading are just a few of the facets of the foreign exchange marketplace that make it a highly dynamic and volatile arena. This book addresses the practical applications of foreign currency trading and money market trading and provides comprehensive coverage of these markets.

Coverage includes:

* What the instruments are
* How and why they are used - by both bank dealers and corporate end-users
* How the different instruments are linked one to another
* How you price them
* Structure of the market, EMU etc
* The range of risks arising from dealings in these instruments that affect banks and corporates
* How these risks are measured and managed

* Brings together a range of practical, relevant material on Foreign Exchange and money market trading.
* Focuses on trading situations as well as on calculations
* International in coverage, the concepts and methods covered are not restricted to any country or institution

Bob Steiner