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Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers: 2002 : A Study of Receipts and Expenses in Shopping Center Operations (Dollars and Cents of Shopping Centers)

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Offering the only source of comprehensive tenant and centerwide income and expense data, this edition is the classic Dollars & Cents that tracks more than 170 tenant types and almost 1,000 neighborhood, community, regional, and super regional shopping centers. Recog-nized as the industry standard for more than 40 years, the book is packed with the objective, dependable benchmarks you need to prepare appraisals, analyze investment opportunities, evaluate tenant performance, compare individual shopping centers to industry averages, and estimate tax revenues. Assembled from year-end financial statements, this edition includes data tables that cover 12 categories of sales, income, and expense data for tenants drawn from more than 30,000 stores, and 56 categories of centerwide operational data. This book is not returnable.